Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taking Clothes From Summer To Fall

What do we do with our clothes from summer? We could keep them in our closets to wait till next summer or we could make them work for fall. Here are a few ideas to get the full potential out of our summer wardrobe:

Use skirts with leggings. The short, bright skirts we wore during the summer can be recycled and used with leggings for fall. Also layer light summer t-shirts under coats and jackets

Think that you can only wear a sun dress in summer. Think again. Layer overcoats on top of a cute dress with accessories in fall colors for a whole new outfit. For a very cold night, pair with legging or tights.

Take the high-waisted shorts so popular this summer and make them work for fall. Pair with leggings and booties. And for those cute summery button-down shirts, wear a fitted jacket over for added warmth.

Some other ideas to transition clothes to fall are to wear knit scarves and cute knit hats to keep warm and bring autumn tones in using accessories and jewelry. If there are any more items of clothing or accessories you want me to see if I can transition to fall or winter, just comment and I try my best.

luv always, ocfashionlover


GlossyChic said...

love the idea!

Anonymous said...

the transitions thing was genius (idk if i spelled it right) :P

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