Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How To Make A Uniform Look Chic

If you are blessed enough to go to private school and cursed enough to wear uniforms, this is the post for you. Recently shows like Gossip Girl have shown us that we can make our uniform unique and personalized without going beyond the dress code. Here are some fun ideas for uniforms:

1. Undershirts are essential to adding a pop of color and personality to a normally dull uniform. American Apparel, Hollister, Abercrombie, and J. Crew are great resources to cute and durable undershirt.

2. Jewelry is great for showing your personality. First make sure to check with your school if you are allowed to wear jewelry and what are the requirements if you are.

3. A school bag is another essential. Instead of a typical school bag, buy large purses that show your personality. This year, I am trying out a Tory Burch bag. I'll update you on how it holds up.

4. Knee-high socks are a great resource on the cold winter days and also if we are in desperate need of a shave but don't want to show it. My favorite are Juicy Couture and J. Crew.

5. Shoes are absolutely great for making you uniform cute. Ballerina flats, boots and cute slip-on tennis shoes are great for comfort and style. Stay clear of high heels and clunky, unstylish tennis shoes. Heels make you look like you are trying too hard and save normal tennis shoes P.E.

6. Makeup is always great, not just with uniforms. Try a little bronzer, blush, and a cute lip gloss to update your look.

7. I love perfume. I think that every girl needs a signature perfume. Mine are Chanel Chance for day and Burberry The Beat for night.

Hope this helped and for more inspiration, go to for pictures of the uniforms on the show. 

love alway, ocfashionlover


Anonymous said...

hey luv ur idea, i have been doing "jazzing" up my unifomr for the past week and i have gotten soooo many compliments. thanks again

Anonymous said...

this was a relly kewl idea

Wills said...

this article is really cool, but i know a place where the socks are even cooler than juicy couture and anywhere else you buy them. its a website.

go there: you'll love it!

doc Martens Boots said...

my all time favorite are long boots
I love boots even in summer

Lizzie Wright said...
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Lizzie Wright said...

Love this so much, but I always make sure my hair looks nice and I like to put on mascara, blush, lipgloss, and eyeshadow. If I'm trying to impress someone I do winged eyeliner.

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