Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bargain Alert!

Imagine getting all your makeup for only a dollar! At e.l.f. (, you can. Most of their products are only $1 but some are up to $5. My best friend told me about the company and she swears by their products. The company sell everything from mineral makeup to lip gloss to eye shadow and bath gels. I just placed my order yesterday for 15 item and the cost was $20. When I get my package, I will be doing a review so stay turned. 

If you have used the products or have a comment, please post. I'd love to hear more reviews on these products.

luv alway, ocfashionlover

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Weekly Post: Favorite Product of the Week

Every week I will be post my new and seasoned favorite products in beauty, hair care, and skin care. If you have any ideas for future products I should feature, comment and let me know. 

My product of the week this week is Fekkai Glossing Cream! 


If you have never tried it, it is a must. Before I started using it, my hair was ok but lacked luster and shine. My hair stylish told me that this works amazing and recommends it to all her customers. So I bought some and came home to use it. I first washed my hair like usual. After I came out of the shower and towel dried my hair, I used a dab the size of a almond and rubbed it in all over my hair (but try not to put too much at the roots or it will weigh them down and make them look a little greasy). I also use a little bit after I straighten it. The result was bouncy, soft, shiny hair! The smell is also great. It is expensive but for those who blowdry and straighten their hair a lot like I do or just want shiner hair, this product is a definite must. It also protects your hair from drying out and getting damaged.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Price: High (but worth every penny)
Where to get it: Some Bath & Body Works, beauty supply stores, Norstroms, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neuman Marcus

If you have every tried this product or have something to add, feel free to comment.

luv always, ocfashionlover

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nail Polish Tips & Tricks

I love nail polish!!! Here are some things you should know about nail polish:

-Never shake nail polish! It creates bubbles and makes the nail polish go on less smooth. Instead gently roll the nail polish back and forth in your palm so you will never have bubbles appear on your nails.

-Clean your nails before you put polish on. The cleaner your nails are, the less likely the nail polish will. 

-Always use base coat AND top coat. Most people forget to use both but it really helps in the long run. Base coat helps the nail polish stick to your nail and keeps your nail healthy. Top coat keeps the nail polish from chipping and makes the color shinier. 

-Less is more. Try to only put 1 to 2 coats of color on (plus base and top coat). The heavier the nail polish, the more likely it is to chip.

My favorite kind nail polish is OPI. I love the brush and the colors are amazing. I think I have tried ever brand of polish (even Chanel) and still OPI is my fav. My favorite colors are Princesses Rule!, Russian Navy, Parlez-Vous OPI?, ElePhantastic Pink, and Curry Up Don't Be Late! 

What is your favorite nail polish brand or color? Do you have any nail polish tricks? Tell me about it.

luv always, ocfashionlover

Who Wore It Better? (Weekly Poll)

I will be starting a weekly poll on which celebarty wrote the same outfit better. This week I am starting with Katie Holmes and Mary-Kate Olsen


Who wore it better? Either vote in the box to the right of the post or comment on the one you liked better.

Taking Clothes From Summer To Fall

What do we do with our clothes from summer? We could keep them in our closets to wait till next summer or we could make them work for fall. Here are a few ideas to get the full potential out of our summer wardrobe:

Use skirts with leggings. The short, bright skirts we wore during the summer can be recycled and used with leggings for fall. Also layer light summer t-shirts under coats and jackets

Think that you can only wear a sun dress in summer. Think again. Layer overcoats on top of a cute dress with accessories in fall colors for a whole new outfit. For a very cold night, pair with legging or tights.

Take the high-waisted shorts so popular this summer and make them work for fall. Pair with leggings and booties. And for those cute summery button-down shirts, wear a fitted jacket over for added warmth.

Some other ideas to transition clothes to fall are to wear knit scarves and cute knit hats to keep warm and bring autumn tones in using accessories and jewelry. If there are any more items of clothing or accessories you want me to see if I can transition to fall or winter, just comment and I try my best.

luv always, ocfashionlover

How To Make A Uniform Look Chic

If you are blessed enough to go to private school and cursed enough to wear uniforms, this is the post for you. Recently shows like Gossip Girl have shown us that we can make our uniform unique and personalized without going beyond the dress code. Here are some fun ideas for uniforms:

1. Undershirts are essential to adding a pop of color and personality to a normally dull uniform. American Apparel, Hollister, Abercrombie, and J. Crew are great resources to cute and durable undershirt.

2. Jewelry is great for showing your personality. First make sure to check with your school if you are allowed to wear jewelry and what are the requirements if you are.

3. A school bag is another essential. Instead of a typical school bag, buy large purses that show your personality. This year, I am trying out a Tory Burch bag. I'll update you on how it holds up.

4. Knee-high socks are a great resource on the cold winter days and also if we are in desperate need of a shave but don't want to show it. My favorite are Juicy Couture and J. Crew.

5. Shoes are absolutely great for making you uniform cute. Ballerina flats, boots and cute slip-on tennis shoes are great for comfort and style. Stay clear of high heels and clunky, unstylish tennis shoes. Heels make you look like you are trying too hard and save normal tennis shoes P.E.

6. Makeup is always great, not just with uniforms. Try a little bronzer, blush, and a cute lip gloss to update your look.

7. I love perfume. I think that every girl needs a signature perfume. Mine are Chanel Chance for day and Burberry The Beat for night.

Hope this helped and for more inspiration, go to for pictures of the uniforms on the show. 

love alway, ocfashionlover


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